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Fog of Life is a horror adventure experience in which the player has to traverse a very foggy soviet suburban environment to get to their end goal, a village, by using a map and a compass, multiple useful items found in the game’s locations and avoiding or fighting enemies scattered around the place. Orientation is key, if you walk too far off, you might have to pay with your life.

The game is planned to have co-op game play as well as single player. Co-op sees you playing through the game with a friend. You must take care of each other in order to survive. One player has a map and the other has the compass. Without your friend, you're walking in thick, blind fog - quite literally. Single player is a more independent and lonely experience, yet your character has more abilities.

Special thanks to OmenaKettu for additional modelling.

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
GenreAction, Strategy, Survival
Tagscompass, Co-op, fog, fog-of-life, Horror, Multiplayer, orient, Singleplayer


fog_of_life_1_1_0.rar 162 MB
fog_of_life_1_0_0.rar 160 MB

Install instructions

Unpack the archive file to your preferred destination. Read "readme.txt" and launch "Fog Of Life.exe"

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It proves quite challenging to find ANYTHING on the map due to the map not providing much info at all.

I will be playing this live tomorrow 3/17 around 630-7 PM EST


El juego esta muy bueno y ahora voy por la parte 2, me recuerda mucho a la pelicula LA NIEBLA... 



Me and my friend tried it out. We had fun and got scared lol. Unfortunately however we could not escape the fog. 


Super interesting features for a co-op horror game! The very nature of having a super hindered view and relying on your partner to get through to the end is an awesome concept! The animation for the creatures was genuinely terrifying, and I loved the feel of a relatively colorless environment!

The only suggestion I would have for this game would be potentially smooth out the sound effects to make them blend more with the overall environment. I totally get having sudden effects for jumpscare reasons, but I think fading in and/or out of certain effects would add to the quality a whole ton!

Enjoyed the project a lot and glad to see a second one! :)

Loved the atmosphere and overall idea, also got some good scares even if we didn't really get anywhere in it. :P

Looking forward to playing number 2 soon.




Played this game with my friend Ethan. We both had a great time.

very cool! but the gui is a bit poor and when i touches the church i get stuck.

Me and my friend played this game. Good game just a little confused on what to do.
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the game is super fun but it was a little hard to control with the mouse speed cus if I just turn a little bit i litterally get yeeted 180 and lost my friend xD maybe some settings to the mouse speed could also be great, but all in all its very fun we enjoyed it. best of luck in the future <3 

*Edited* oop found out there was a new release (Fog of life 2) that looks even better :D 

Your game scared the hell out of us, but unfortunately we couldn't get very far with it at all. Great concept and atmosphere!

fog life



nice game

if there is someone that wants to play this with me add me on discord LeRohlik レオフリク#1974

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ayo!! add me? it doesn't work. here takeitslow#3090

it keeps downloading as a pdf file

download winrar try that

is it mulltiplyer



estaba juagando esto con un amigo estabamos escuchando pasos que no eran nuestro nos acercamos para ver, despues estabamos corriendo ala velocidad de la luz por que esa cosa no metio un plomaso a los 2

is this demon summoning spell?

bruh XD


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Super fun game to play with friends!
Good idea, I hope you can develop more the idea to include more elements like resident evil, survival...


I will, eventually. Thanks for playing! :)


Hi, I wanted to play with a friend. But we can't write the name of the room, the name is not spelled. What to do?

played with a homie and it was a good time lol. I think the fog is really confusing to traverse. We could not tell if we passed something important or not. But overall, it is a good time and I would love to see it fleshed out.

My friend cant join it keeps saying connecting photon


are there jumpscrares in this game

nope, you just running arround and collect some items to escape the area


Hey dere! I highlighted your game on my top 10 list about cool co-op indie horror games! I hope ya think its neat!

Thanks, cool video! :)


+rep, good game, loved it, could use more objects, it's easy to get lost while looking for them. Very fun to play with friends.! <3

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it's look cool and fun. may i ask is this game can play with friend. (Multiplayer


Yes! Check file "readme" to learn how to play together with a friend : )


I play a lot of these indie games but this one really impressed me. It's so simple but I got so hooked on it lol.