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Fog of Life 2 is a survival horror game where you traverse a foggy land, looking for whatever you can to help you on your journey back to a town in the middle of an apocalypse caused by an unknown origin.

The game contains extra features that were not present in the first part of the same name. The additions include: Randomly generated location placements, an inventory system with many items to find, a story with more depth, a day/night cycle where daytime sees you explore and search for useful items and night sees you try and survive from any creatures that dwell in the dark.

You have the choice to play either by yourself as a lone wolf or with a few friends in multiplayer. You (might) even be able to communicate through voice chat for extra spooks and immersion.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Strategy, Survival
Made withBlender, Krita, FL Studio, Unity, Audacity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Co-op, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, Multiplayer
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer


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multiplayer doesnt work for me :/

For anybody willing to speedrun this game send your runs on https://www.speedrun.com/fog_of_life_2

Очень хорошо для кооператива с другом на вечер, в игре постоянно держится напряжение и нехватка боеприпасов и медикаментов, из багов только то, что враги иногда заталкивают в текстуры.

Ну. Я вот тож. Давненько жду обновы какой-нибудь. Баги поправить и реиграбельности повысить


Норм, только че за хуйня, когда шифт зажат, это типа костыль на спринт такой, с импульсом? 

Ага. Там типа, к направлению движения, добавляется направление бега. Очень странное решение

susy baca

Beautiful Game. I played it with my cousin. It almost made me want to start a youtube channel.

The AI is stupid. I'm sorry.


me and my friend have the same ip address and i cant join them, any solutions?

Use Radmin VPN

Can you add 32 bit version?

Игрушка очень годная. Уже какой час в ней провожу и всё первую главу перепрохожу.
Очень надеюсь на её расширение/дополнение ( первой главы ). Надеюсь что работа над игрой не прекращена.


мне жаль разочаровывать вас, но работа перешла на другой проект. НО! возможно в будущем что нибудь выйдет.

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А как в консоле получить патроны для винтовки ? 
Пробовал spawnitem riflemagazine, но не работает


попробуйте прописать "spawnitem rifle-mag"

This game is fun i'am thinking about making another part

Очень крутая игра! Явно взяли всё лучшее из прошлой части и преумножили! единственное теперь мультиплеер работает только с помощью радмина и тд. 


Это шедевр! Играли с другом одно удовольствие! Ля я пишу как моя мама в 45 лет я такой старый. Скажем честно 1 часть не очень 2 ваще топ!!! Заслуживает пометку AA+ данной игре! 

спасибо! рад, что вам понравилась игра.


how the fuck do i join my friend?!


you need his ip address


Kinda like it a lot ! with multiplayer experience and we has so much fun with campaign, still has some bug like though the wall with bodyblock enemy push, i'll not mad on that becuz the gameplay is still fun !! Thx a lot for making thing!


how do you invite other people to join since im having trouble with that?


did u find out


you need to have the same ip 
use a app like hamachi then copy the IPV4 and you should be good

me and my friend downloaded hamachi and we connected to the same server i copied he's ipv4 adress but i still couldnt connect idk what im doing wrong

Hi! If you are interested in a Spanish translation for this or any other game, feel free to contact me.

Amazing experiencie in multiplayer!!
I found 2 bugs.

  • the enemies bodypush me inside walls and outside houses.
  • I can duplicate items bu drop and catch fast

Game is awesome but there are many problems with multiplayer , like people can join you but then in game itself time and weather is desynced for the host (Like it turns night in 1 minute for the host but for others it's always day). There are also other problems like the settings always reset after you enter the game , push to talk seems to be broken , inventory system needs to be tweaked and many others things that seem not working properly.

I'm pretty sure all of these can be fixed after few additional patches. 

yeah man


Thank you for the feedback!

how did you get multiplayer working

yeah man

Hello, this is great game btw, me and my friends cannot connect to the same server. We did everything in order.

found a solution?

This game is damn good, I fucking loved every game you created so far, one question does the compass only spawn for the host? because when my friend hosts a game he's the only one with a compass. 

p.s keep up the scary amazing work, I got PTSD from the first version (not really, but I shat myself a bit)


Yes, the host gets the compass, just like in the first game. Thank you for playing!


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is it possible to play this game with a friend who doesn't share the same LAN?


You could try port forwarding, but if you're not keen on sharing your IP address then try out Hamachi.

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thanks a lot. by the way, i tried playing the game, and, it is incredible, like, i can see the time you put into this and i am thoroughly impressed. keep up the godly work.

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think so good retro but need fix

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dude, how do you cross the bridge? I got the plank from the church , it doesnt seem to work though.

The nails ,in the house under construction, are not visible enough too.

The trap is useless, it kills only one "entity"

I cant figure out a way to consistently hit the enemies without getting hit too and it seems to be punishing for no reason

with the plank, press E on the bridge gap

ur dog water

get good kid


wow fog of life 2 is out! i used to play the 1st one with my friend


I was stuck in fog of life 1, I hope this one is better